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MediPharm Labs Corp. ( is a Canada-based pharmaceutical company that is specialized in cannabis. The Company produces purified, pharmaceutical-like cannabis extracts and related derivative products. The Company formulates, processes, packages and distributes cannabis extracts and cannabinoid-based products at its Canadian and Australian facilities for domestic and international markets. The Company, through its subsidiaries is engaged in the sale and distribution of cannabis oil, cannabis extracts, cannabis edibles, cannabis topicals, and derivatives to authorized classes of purchasers, as well as controlled human administration trials for sensory testing of cannabis extracts and derivative products. It is also engaged in the manufacturing of extracts and tinctures of cannabis and cannabis resin for the purpose of a clinical trial or prescribed as medical cannabis products. The Company's wholly owned subsidiaries include MediPharm Labs Inc. and MediPharm Labs Australia Pty. Ltd.

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MediPharm Labs Corp.

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