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Bid 14.4800 EUR
Ask 14.7800 EUR
Minim 14.7000 EUR
Maxim 14.7000 EUR
Pret referinta 14.7000
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Volum ultima zi 1
Max 52 sapt 15.5400 EUR
Min 52 sapt 12.0200 EUR

Descriere companie

Orange Belgium SA, formerly Mobistar SA ( is a Belgium-based company that operates in the fields of mobile and fixed telephony, asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) Internet and digital television. Services are provided both to residential (private) and corporate customers. The Company offers a range of services, including Orange World, which enables to access Internet from the mobile phones, and Mobistar ADSL Voice, which grants access to Internet and fixed telephony via Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. Dedicated services are offered to corporate customers, such as Wirefree Office, which enables clients to send text messages within a building and Mobistar One Office Voice Pack, a combination of fixed and mobile telephony, among others. In addition to its services, it sells telephones, mobiles telecommunication devices such as Smartphone and tablets, as well as compact computers for its service offerings. It also serves customers through A3Com and A&S Partners

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Orange Belgium SA

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